Some find it exciting, others dreadful. Packing for a two week trip to France during shoulder season has created some real challenges. March is traditionally a bit wet and dreary in Paris, so best be prepared with boots and outerwear (to be worn on the plane) that will be put to the test. Since we will not be staying in one place for the entire trip, we agreed that traveling light was the way to go. Therefore, our plan to take one carry-on suitcase and one tote per person would keep us from getting bogged down on planes, trains and automobiles. Oh, and did I mention the walking? Because there will be plenty of that, sometimes with luggage in hand. Prepare to be brutal when it comes to eliminating non-essential items. But what’s non-essential? The winter coat…staying home, the cute heels…staying home. The fancy cocktail dress…staying home. The chunky jewelry…staying home. You get my drift. Keep it neutral and practical, hence the capsule wardrobe. The capsule wardrobe is oh so…French! We have lifted dozens of ideas off of Pinterest in regards to packing a capsule wardrobe. I plan to eventually pair down most of my home wardrobe to a capsule, it makes life so much easier! Packing a capsule wardrobe was not difficult. When everything is either black or neutral, it all works; add a colorful scarf and you’re ready to go! Packing cubes saved the day, compressing items allows you to pack more as well as keeping clothes from getting too wrinkled. And let me add one more important detail…we found an apartment to rent the first week of our stay with a washer/dryer, so we’ll be able to freshen everything up for the second half of our trip. This is probably the main thing that made me ok with packing so few clothing items for our introduction to Europe. I’m hoping to pare it down again the day before we leave to help lighten the load even more.

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