About Us


Hi Everyone! My name is Kim Osborne. I’m a wife, mom of four, and “Mimi” to eight littles! Donna and I met on Ancestry several years ago while researching a line in our family trees. While technically third cousins, we share many similar traits and interests, the most significant being our love of genealogy and burning desire to see the world! Since I was a young, I have had the curiosity to see how people live in other countries, as well as visit the places I’ve romanticized in books and movies. Now finally, with grown-up kids, a supportive spouse and a few years of contributing to the “travel fund”, my dream of exploring Europe is starting to unfold.

This site was created primarily for us to share and record our genealogy and travel adventures. We plan to offer plenty of tips, photos, and personal anecdotes from our experiences. We also hope to inspire more “women of a certain age” to fulfill their dreams of travel and adventure! We hope you’ll check back often to see where we’re headed next!Edit